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Welcome to FinTelegram Balkans. The Balkans, and above all Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, has in recent years become internationally known as an important center of an economy based on the Internet of data, money, and services. Belgrade, in particular, has acquired a reputation as a financial hub for Southern Europe and the Balkans.

Dozens of online payments and services companies have opened in the Balkans, primarily in Montenegro, while Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, has become home to many cyber start-ups from different parts of the world. The specific geographical position of the Balkans, as the intersection of the West and the East, education, and talent for languages, have been recognized as advantages in certain types of business activities by various international companies.

The beneficial owners, founders, and management of these companies are originally from Israel, Europe, and Russia. Unfortunately, a pretty dark shadow was cast on the bright side of this story as well. The boom of e-commerce has brought a huge wave of cybercrime to Belgrade, Podgorica, and Sarajevo, threatening the sustainability and development of positive economic trends in this segment, as well as the industry’s reputation in this part of Europe. The mission of FinTelegram Balkans is to combat cybercrime, to promote and support real high-tech, fin-tech and similar start-ups in the region. FinTelegram Balkans supports the promotion of all companies that conduct their online business in an ethical and legal way, contributing to their region as well as to the entire online community.

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