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Gal Barak – The Serbian connections behind the global Israeli-Bulgarian cybercrime organization

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The thriller about the extradition of the Israeli scammer Gal Barak from Bulgaria to Austria continues. Uwe Lenhoff, one of Barak’s partners, has been in custody since early 2019 and is awaiting his trial. Israeli Gery “Gabi” Shalon and Russian Vladislav “Vlad” Smirnov are also the subjects of investigations by the authorities in the United States and Europe. In the gigantic rip-off of retail investors worldwide via the broker scams of Gal Barak and his co-conspirators, partners and boiler rooms in Serbia have also been involved. They now distance themselves from Barak and provide the authorities with evidence against him and his organization.

Extradition Procedures, protection payments, and new evidence

The next Court meeting in Sofia to decide on the extradition of Barak is scheduled for Dec 2, 2019. However, Barak told his friends that he is paying a sufficient amount of protection money to the respective Court people and the prosecution office in Bulgaria that the extradition most likely will not happen. As a matter of fact, Barak has made political friends in Bulgaria over the last couple of weeks as you can see from the picture above showing him with the Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov and the Rabbi of Sofia, Yosef Salamon.

Now, however, the extradition of Gal Barak could occur despite the ongoing DDoS attacks. Former Serbian partners and employees have handed over numerous documents about Gal Barak and his cybercrime organization to the Austrian Embassy in Belgrade. Plenty of evidence was neatly structured and stored on a USB stick.

FinTelegram was present when the evidence was handed over and was allowed to photograph the USB stick. The documents on the USB stick should contain internal documents from the cybercrime organization of Barak, Shalon, Lenhoff, and Smirnov as well as documents about the cash flow to the offshore companies.

Israelis still party and scam in Belgrade

In addition, former Serbian partners and employees should also be prepared to provide appropriate affidavits to the Austrian/German court. In Serbia, around 7,000 Israelis worked in the Boiler Rooms at the peak of the Binary Options Scam. They were famous for their parties and coke consumption. Thousands of Israelis still live and work in the scammer scene in Belgrade.

FinTelegram has evidence that Gal Barak and his partner Uwe Lenhoff had located substantial parts of their criminal organization in Belgrade in 2016 and 2017. With the help of lawyers and entrepreneurs in Belgrade, they wanted to attack small investors in Europe and launder the money through Serbian and Montenegrin banks. The detained Uwe Lenhoff has meanwhile confessed to the authorities.

The evaluation of now handed over documents will probably take a while, but then nothing should stand in the way of Gal Barak and his wife Marina Barak (formerly Marina Andreeva) being delivered.

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