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Misa Vacic – The Serbian Right-Wing Fairy with friendly Government support

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I was thinking about this text’s beginning. I decided to be like a fairy tale … a fairy tale reversed. A fairy tale about some right-wing fairies.

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time in a small country on the Balkans, a group of boys lived on the same street. They were good friends. In addition to living on the same street, they shared ideas but also secrets. These boys were Mladen Obradovic, Ivan Ivanovic, Misa Vacic and Bosko Obradovic and had their movements – Obraz, SNP Nasi, Movement 1389 and Dveri.

Like all of them, they fought for the national interest of their country but, unlike the others, preferred to call themselves nationalists. For them, strengthening the national interest meant extending the borders of Serbia, preserving territorial integrity, preserving the Autonomous Provinces. In addition, the emphasis was on preserving the family and increasing the birth rate. Consequently, all other movements not with them on the right-wing, which did not firmly advocate these ideas, were considered anti-Serb and treasonous organizations.

Years went by and the boys grew up. Their movements also grew. The strongest unity among them was felt in 2010 when the Pride Parade was organized and held in Belgrade for the first time in almost a decade. Everyone participated in the protests against the parade, but not everyone received the same treatment.

Mladen Obradovic – the intellectually-touched fairy

Mladen Obradovic remained consistent with his idea but withdrew from public life after that Pride Parade. Additionally, to police arresting Obradovic and his pregnant wife. The police ordered her to remain in jail for 48 hours. Her arrest was evidently meant as intimidation. The public withdrawal of Mladen Obradovic was a logical act.

In June 2012, the Constitutional Court of Serbia banned the operation of the “Obraz” movement for alleged violations of human and minority rights.

Bosko Obradovic remained consistent with a small number of his views but managed to bring together a number of intellectuals, also right-wingers, and the Dveri movement grew into a real political party. Tog 10.10.2010. he was not arrested. Neither Ivanovic nor Vacić were arrested.

Ivan Ivanovic tried to join forces with Misa Vacic, believing that the joint forces would reach their destination. And that is how the OUR 1389 movement came into being, which soon split up because their ideas and consistency are certainly not on the same path.

Misa Vacic – The populistic right-wing fairy

After a large part of the public and the non-governmental sector demanded that the extreme right-wing movement 1389 be banned. Unfortunately, the Serbian judiciary did not comply with this public demand. Hence, Misa Vacic realized that he needed a political party, but the then existing political establishment didn’t want to deal with him. Consequently, he founded the Serbian Right Party himself. Unlike Obradovic, who nevertheless had a significant number of intellectuals as well as a certain amount of credibility in the Serbian Orthodox Church, Vacic brought together mostly former war veterans, those who profited during the Balkan war of ’90, as well as football hooligans. You could say a mob, not supporters.

By the way, Misa Vacic is one of her favorite right-wingers, at least to the Serbian media, and takes a special place on social networks, with her reckless statements. He often calls for war, threatens to mobilize the population and advocates for the reintroduction of military service. So I learned that young Vacic was not in the military. I have to admit that this information did not surprise me.

In Serbia, everything that has to do with political action is absurd. However, as Serbia introduced voluntary military service, it is not clear to me why an outspoken patriot such as Vacic did not do at least 6 months for military service. He would thus have the credibility of calling on the authorities to reintroduce military service as compulsory. However, whether or not someone was a soldier, no one has the right to call for aggression such as war, and this deserves every condemnation from both the public and individuals.

I’ve always wondered what happens to young people so they turn into monsters. The war did no good to anyone. Every person should have a developed national identity, but not the urge to desire bloody conflicts without need. Young Vacic does just that. But who supports him?

In a very short time (talking about a few months), Misa Vacic, from a young right-wing man with about a hundred supporters, managed to revive a political party that opens offices throughout Serbia on a daily basis. For those who do not know how it goes, I will explain based on the information I received from people who know the internal party system and organization.

No Honey without Money

You need money to start a political party. It takes a lot of money to get to the honey pot! You need to attract enough voters to become important and maybe even get parliament seats. That’s where the honey pot is!

You need to pay for the lease of the premises where the party’s work will take place, the cost of electricity, internet, telephone, equipment to equip the space, and consumables and finally, you need the money for the salaries of people who will work there. That’s quite something, believe me!

Vacic, as a matter of fact, seems to be a very talented person when it comes to fundraising. But nobody in Serbia seems to know where Vacic actually gets the money from. This is like other right-wing parties from France via Germany or Austria. The right side of politics has always had excellent access to rich people and money.

Successful right-wing politicians in all countries are distinguished by two talents – best rhetoric and wide open pockets. They are very talented at sprinkling their fairy dust on sponsors and voters.

Vacić never explained who these rich people were. Thus, the question arises – who finances the most extreme Serbian right-wing fairy? But, it’s a fairy, right? And they have lots of fairy dust!

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